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How much did bill bennett lose gambling

How much did bill bennett lose gambling 28 vegas casino france net

Heckler —85 Otis Bowen — That said, what's happening to him tonight is silly. If the opinion pages, talk radio shows and general coffeehouse chatter can be believed, such delight knows no moderation.

Dole —87 James H. Here's the thing about ad blockers He frequently criticized schools for low standards. Amazing--it's always the rid who bluster the most. Edwards —83 Donald P. His relentless effort to push Americans to do good has enabled Bennett to do extremely well.

William J. Bennett spends his life promoting morality — but also has a huge gambling habit. of gambling showed him visiting casinos, often for two or three days at a time On July 12 of last year, for instance, Bennett lost $, at Caesar's Bennett says he is neither because his habit does not disrupt his family life. Gambling is legal, he quickly pointed out, at least where he did it. Many have rushed to Bennett's rhetorical side, repeating that the man did. William Bennett said Monday he has done too much gambling over the Bennett did not disclose how much he has won or lost gambling.

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